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March 31, 2016

OceanFM, Sligo – Interviewing Peter

OceanFM, Sligo – North West Today. Peter speaks with Niall Delaney about his background and the Seanad election.
March 27, 2016

Reliable Rural Broad-band

The only reliable broadband in rural Ireland
March 13, 2016

A Chance to Make a Stand

We have a chance to make a stand, and enhance the Irish brand If Ireland was to take an exit route from the EU, would domestic business suffer? […]
March 13, 2016

Ireland:AM – BREXIT & Ireland

Sunday:AM – TV3 Ireland. Hosts Ivan Yates and Anna Daly discuss Britain’s proposed exit from Europe and its knock-on effects to Ireland.
March 2, 2016

Give rural Ireland a boost

FORMER DRAGON’S DEN star Peter Casey has promised he will push businesses to relocate to rural Ireland if he is successful in securing a seat in the Seanad.
February 19, 2016

Why a BREXIT might be good for Ireland

Britain’s exit from the EU – is a very real possibility that could have massive benefits for Ireland, and the economically-deprived border counties in particular.
December 27, 2015

Brand Trump: Making America Scared Again

Few on this side of the Atlantic realise how widely the views of the Republican Party front-runner resonate with ordinary Americans, writes Peter Casey
November 18, 2015

Entrepreneur Week at St. Marys College, Derry

Entrepreneur Week at St. Marys College, Derry
August 10, 2015

The Euro is Destined to Fail, unless Germany takes over

One member, one vote just won’t work – because we’re talking economic clout and not democratic representation. So we either introduce an oversight body led by Germany or […]
July 14, 2015

NewsTalk Radio – The Wage Gap (14/07/2015)

Peter talks with Ray D’Arcy about his early beginnings, family and future projects.
April 12, 2015

UK Election May Be Our Cue To Consider EU Exit

As David Cameron edges closer to a second term, and the UK to an EU exit, I fear that Ireland will be forced to ask itself an unexpected […]
April 8, 2015

Irish Director – Homeward Bound

Known in Ireland as an investor on the RTE TV series Dragons’ Den, Peter Casey is currently phasing out his day-to-day involvement in his company Claddagh Resources and […]

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