Let’s have a ‘good clean fight’ by ditching plastic posters

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April 11, 2019
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April 20, 2019
Ban on single-use plastics

Plastic posters for election campaigns should be banned.

Ban on single-use plastics

Plastic posters for election campaigns should be banned.

EU Parliamentary candidate Peter Casey has called on all election candidates to “do the right thing for the environment” by ditching plastic campaign posters.


The Midlands-North West candidate has urged fellow candidates to ensure there is a “good clean fight”, at least as far as the environment is concerned.


He is further calling for local authorities to place outright bans on the erection of plastic campaign posters. Mr Casey is also calling for the introduction of a tax on all single-use plastics that are not biodegradable.


“We are totally opposed to any election candidates putting up plastic posters. Not only are plastic election campaign posters not eco-friendly, but they are unsightly as well as being unstable in high winds, and dangerous distractions for motorists and cyclists.


“All candidates and political parties must lead by example by adopting an environmentally-friendly approach to campaigning. In this digital age, the use of plastic posters is a throwback that is no longer needed. A number of councils and representatives in the Midlands-North West constituency are already taking steps to curb this nonsensical activity and they are to be commended for their efforts. However, nothing less than an outright ban on plastic election posters is the best move for our environment.


“The European parliamentary campaign has barely begun and already the country is becoming littered with ugly posters, and the big parties are the main offenders. A message responsibly placed on biodegradable material in designated billboard space is acceptable but to have poster after poster clattering our public spaces is simply not on. 


“I am calling on all candidates and parties to put our environment and our people’s safety ahead of their political ambition. They must do the right thing by removing all plastic posters for this campaign and future campaigns.”


Mr Casey is campaigning for a government clampdown on all single-use plastics which are not biodegradable.


“Plastics that are not biodegradable are killing our environment. All organisations must be encouraged to invest in biodegradable products through tax incentives.


“If they cannot come up with biodegradable plastic bottles, then they must revert to glass that can be easily recycled. Can you imagine if Coke Cola was to lead the way and start promoting biodegradable bottles, they would not just clean up the market, they would clean up the world.”