Brexit crisis starts when Britain introduces immigration quota system

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February 1, 2020
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February 2, 2020

Immigration controls in Ireland need to be strengthened.

Ireland will not even begin to feel the “devastating force of Brexit” until Britain implements its new immigration quota system, says independent candidate Peter Casey.

Mr Casey said it was disingenuous of Ireland’s political representatives to deliver a message that the ‘Brexit deal’ will protect Irish interests.

“Leo Varadkar said in a recent tv debate that Brexit was half done. Although Brexit Day is upon us, the real Brexit has not even started. Brexit will start on the day that Boris Johnston implements his new system to control immigration into Britain. This is a system similar to those in place in Australia and New Zealand – and when it comes in to force in Britain, Ireland will be overwhelmed by the free movement of people arriving here from within the EU.

“We will be the only fully English-speaking country left in Europe, so it stands to reason that Ireland will be the only realistic destination for many people who would previously have gone to Britain. Around 250,000 people from within the EU came to Britain last year – if 25% of that number were to come to Ireland it would be more than 60,000 people per year.

“It is a simple fact that we do not have the infrastructure here to cope with a large influx of people. We don’t have the ability to house the people already here or provide healthcare services and facilities that are fit for purpose. It is disingenuous at best of the politicians of Ireland to not recognise the facts of the devastating force of Brexit.”